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The Insurance Ombudsman of Kazakhstan is an independent and impartial mediator, designed to resolve conflicts and disputes between policyholders and insurance companies. Its main task is to protect the rights and interests of policyholders, as well as to ensure fair and efficient consideration of complaints and claims.


The Insurance Ombudsman of Kazakhstan operates in accordance with the country's legislation and is regulated by special regulatory acts. It considers complaints related to the violation of policyholders' rights, unjustified refusal of insurance payments, and other disputed issues arising between insurance companies and their clients.


The Insurance Ombudsman aims to provide fair and prompt resolution of conflicts through mediation and consultations, offering necessary recommendations for dispute settlement. It also plays an important role in informing and educating policyholders on insurance matters to help them better understand their rights and obligations.


Appealing to the Insurance Ombudsman of Kazakhstan is free for policyholders, and its services are available to all citizens and legal entities facing problems in the field of insurance.



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